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I am trolling around for relationship advice lately. Don’t ask me why, since I’m not really IN a relationship. I’m still reeling from the sting of a nasty divorce, and barely sticking my toe in the tepid water of maybe dating as we emerge from our pandemic cocoons. But it’s interesting, the advice columns out there from people in rock-solid relationships, marriages, partnerships. I’m intrigued.

How do people make it work?

My mom and dad were married for nearly 25 years, and their relationship only ended because my father died. I have zero doubt that they’d have made it to…

Hint: It’s not as easy as it looks.

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My son got sober just a little more than a year ago. He didn’t want to, but he needed to. He was living in a terrible apartment with terrible roommates and circling the drain. Most weeks, he would blow through his paycheck in a matter of days, overdraw his account and start the whole process over again. Some months, I wouldn’t know his whereabouts for days. A year earlier, I had moved to a different city, a few hours away, so it’s not like I could drop by to visit or check in on him. It was a terrifying prospect…

It Will Get You Farther at Work

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Did you know there is such a thing as “emailing like a woman?”

There is, and it’s not all good. It actually might be holding you back at work. As if women needed another thing to be holding them back in the workplace, right? According to Deborah Tannen of Georgetown University, “women tend to write longer emails and are more likely to use expression or — I am inclined to say — emotion” in their emails compared to men.

Sounds just like actual life, right?


And in general, this is not a…

20 Years of Marriage Brewed 20 Years of Resentment

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When I said, by way of a long email, that I planned to move out, he responded with, “can we talk about this?” But my mind was sure. I even had the moving date and my new apartment chosen.

We had had so many horrible arguments at that point that our kids took the news by saying, “it’s about time.” And here, I was worried that our pending divorce would sadden them. No. They were relieved.

At first, we agreed to be amicable. To split belongings and to negotiate. I packed…

But You Probably Think it Is

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AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is one of the buzzwords popping up all over the investment sphere. There’s news all over the place about the position of AI companies as stocks to buy, and where they sit in the conventional trading sphere. But there’s far more to AI than just growth companies within the tech sector, and AI has been around far longer than you might think.

The term AI was even coined way back in 1956, so it’s not a new concept, or a new name. It’s important to understand what it means before…

Make Your Job Descriptions Work for You.

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It’s really, really expensive to hire the wrong person. According to Career Builder, the cost of a bad hire is roughly 30% of that person’s annual salary. And that doesn’t take into consideration the hit to company morale, which is not easily quantified.

As a writer, I’m here to tell you that one of the key ways companies can avoid the mistake of making a bad hire is in shoring up the job description. I’ve read plenty of them, and some of them are spot-on, while others are a nightmare.

Take, for example, a recent job I held where the…

The 412 Has a Problem. Her Name is Wendy.

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A March 29, 2021 article in Pittsburgh’s most prominent newspaper, the Post-Gazette, notes that the western Pennsylvania city is a “hub” for white supremacists. If Pittsburgh shelters white supremacy, it will come as no surprise to many of its residents that local radio host Wendy Bell is their de facto queen.

At one point in her career, Bell was affiliated with both KDKA-TV and KDKA Radio. Prior to her affiliation with KDKA, she worked for Pittsburgh station WTAE-TV but was dismissed from that station after racist comments on her personal Facebook page.

Her post was deleted, but if you’re curious…

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No other city may be watching the Derek Chauvin trial more closely than the residents of Baltimore. As the Derek Chauvin trial moves through what will no doubt be weeks of testimony, Baltimoreans are reliving the pain of the April 19 death of Freddie Gray.

Though the two cases are dramatically different, they are closely tied in their aftereffects, and in the emotions, they stir in residents of both cities. Baltimore was upset by weeks of tense protests after the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died of a spinal cord injury while in police custody, and…

And I Should Have Called It Off Then

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Picking up my bridal bouquet stays in sharp focus for me, even now, so many years and a whole messy divorce later.

I had chosen a simple cluster of ivory roses, what is often called a ‘nosegay’ that I could carry in my hand. It was elegant, but not lavish. I dipped into the shop to pick it up from our favorite flower shop, the one where he’s bought the flowers for one of our first dates, the flowers he wooed me with, that I adored.

I handed the debit card to the woman behind the register, and heard the…

That Depends on Who You Ask

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It’s been ten months since Facebook announced its virtual currency, called Libra. We all knew they’d get into the crypto game. Tech whiz Zuckerberg could hardly resist joining in the fun, considering his win in the early game over the Winklevoss brothers, amirite?

But nearly a year on, there is still a conversation about whether or not Libra is a true cryptocurrency or not.

Thus far, it defies the norm. And there are hardly a lot of norms in this field as it is.

Naturally, Facebook’s vision is dominance, just as it was in…

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Susan is a runner, a mom of 3 grown children, and an avid traveler. She writes about humans, and wrote a book about false accusations of sexual assault.

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