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  • Violet Daniels

    Violet Daniels

    Navigating the world one word (and book!) at a time | Top writer in books & reading | 📧 violetdaniels97@gmail.com

  • Polly Mallett

    Polly Mallett

    Retired SaaS industry marketer. Focused on creating art and empowering women through financial education.

  • Tricia Chadwick

    Tricia Chadwick

    Teacher, business owner, and mom. I write about learning, parenting, animals, and living your best life.

  • Jonah Malin

    Jonah Malin

    Pending humble-brags. To write pretty words that last→ jonahmalin.com/barelyweekly

  • Molly Martin

    Molly Martin

    Follow me @mollydbu on Instagram (for all the food) and Twitter (for all the thoughts). Wilmington, Vermont -> Gainesville, FL ->Denver, CO.

  • Madhuri Sastry

    Madhuri Sastry

    Feminist. Writer. Intl Human Rights Law. She/Her Read my stuff: www.thechicksandbalances.com

  • Ben Le Fort

    Ben Le Fort

    Making of a Millionaire editor | Personal finance writer | Author of the upcoming book, “The Financial Freedom Equation”

  • Kris Gage

    Kris Gage

    Writer — www.krisgage.com reach me at krisgagemedium (at) gmail (dot) com

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