Oklahoma Cancels Melania? OK!

Susan Kelley
3 min readFeb 21, 2022

Can’t Buy Your Way Out of This Surrey, Former FLOTUS

Melania Trump Photo by Ring of Fire

I almost laughed out loud.

Okay, no…I did laugh out loud.

“Since leaving the White House, I have further dedicated my efforts to helping America’s children.”

That’s a real thing she said. Melania. Seriously, a real thing.

I’m still trying to figure out what she means by further dedicate. Like, doesn’t that mean she did something before this to help America’s children? Did I miss that part?

But here’s the truly funny part.

Former FLOTUS tried to donate some money, apparently part of what she calls a “Be Best Initiative,” and not to be confused with any legitimate 501c3, to a school in Oklahoma as a convoluted path to helping foster kids.

I know…I know… hard to follow, but stick with me.

She partnered with a fundraising group that works to raise money for The Bradley Impact Fund, which was then to distribute monies through their advisory to “respective beneficiaries.” “Fostering the Future” is the name of her initiative, it’s not an actual charity, but sure enough, “Fostering the Future” was to be the vehicle through which these funds would be distributed.



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