Making the world better, one smile at a time

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They say life is like a mirror, smile at it, and it smiles back at you.

For a couple of years, my life was a real balancing act. I had two kids in middle- and high school, I was an adjunct teacher at two different universities, and working on my second graduate degree. My marriage was dicey at best, and one of my coping mechanisms was to train for triathlons. I had sort of a lot going on. Many days, I had plenty of reasons to walk around, lost in my own thoughts. …

How To Drop Your Phone and Get Back to Romance

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Though the term has been around for a couple of years, I just recently learned it — and love it — “Phubbing.” The portmanteau of phone and snubbing. Whether you admit it or not, you have likely both phubbed and been phubbed. And it’s probably ruining your day-to-day experiences, I assure you.

If you’re like me, and relatively new to the term, Phubbing is generally when you are hanging out with your someone, but the conversation, or even the romance itself, stalls out because one of you takes out your…

The Crypto Darling of 2021

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We’re at the end of April, and we’re all still wondering what the heck is happening with Ethereum?

If you are still new to the crypto world, Ethereum was created in 2013 to use the blockchain — the online ledger system introduced by bitcoin, but in an entirely new way. The idea is to use blockchains (especially Ethereum) to improve more complex financial applications like lending, wills, and insurance and even stablecoins.

In April 2020, Ethereum was stuck in a three-year market downturn. It reached a peak of nearly $1,200 in early 2018, but was…

It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Stay That Way

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Gregory Clark is a social mobility historian. He’s a guy who literally studies how people move in and out of wealth over time. How long does it take to move up…or down the social ladder. He wrote The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility which provided some insight into tracking people’s last names and their ability to cling to or lose their status in the social sphere. It turns out that having a noteworthy last name like Hilton or Carnegie comes with great benefit. No surprise there…

Coffee is Not Why My Kids are Broke

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“If you didn’t all go out for those fancy lattes.”

“Well, if a super mocha what’s-its-name wasn’t eight dollars.”

“It’s these kids and their super duper whipped mocha. That’s where their money goes.”

I roll my eyes every time someone in the generation before mine utters this about the generation after mine. And it’s a lot. My mom said it. My mother in law has said it. And since I’m a macchiato-lover, I’ve heard it as I exit the building with my daughter near me enough times to make my nerves fray.

Including yours.

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Power in relationships is generally defined as the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of another in a particular way. Power is not just limited to domination and submission. A truly complex element of power in relationships is the respective ability of each person to influence the other and direct the relationship.

Although power is never completely equal in any relationship, in intimate ones we try (or should try) to share power equally and create a symbiotic balance within the pair. But there are three noteworthy imbalances where things go haywire. In Empowered Love, Dr. …

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We’ve arrived in 2021 with a lot going on, but in social media and many news outlets we seem to be fixated on ‘Cancel Culture.’ Seriously, fixated. The 2020 Republican National Convention even kicked off its big start somehow focusing on our collective ability to systematically, culturally block a well-known person from having a prominent public platform or career, or “canceling” them.

The action follows a familiar pattern: A celebrity or other well-known personality (sports figure, podcaster, stand-up comic) says or does something that offends in some way. There is a public outcry and backlash, paired up with a social…

Why it hurts so much and how to make it hurt less

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Odds are, if you’ve dated in the last decade, you’ve experienced it. Either someone has ghosted you. or you’ve done it yourself. Some think of it as an easy escape, while others think it’s totally unacceptable.

First, let’s define exactly what it is: ghosting is generally defined as “the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship,” (via …

Sexting, Scrolling, and the Shift in Defining Infidelity

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Infidelity is all over the place. But what is it, exactly?

Studies show that nearly 23% of married men and 12% of married women acknowledge having had actual sex with another actual human being outside of their marriage. That’s a pretty clear case of infidelity. But there’s a newer phrase in the lexicon: Micro-cheating.

Depending on a person’s perspective, Micro-cheating can range from sexting (sending racy texts), to continuous flirting, to an office romance that stops short of anything physical, to Tinder swiping with no intention of following through — the range…

Your Best Partner Will Always Believe In The Power of You

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We all have ambitions. Secret ambitions, out-loud ambitions, goals that are large and small. There are those things we want to try, to tackle, to take on. You know what I’m talking about — you know you do. Not just bucket-list items, but things we put on the list and keep around: learning to make macarons, going on a ten-mile hike, taking a pottery class. Those things. Or maybe opening a yoga studio, going to Italy, learning to play the piano. Whatever. We’ve all got ambitions. Whether we write…

Susan Kelley

Susan is a runner, a mom of 3 grown children, and an avid traveler. She writes about humans, and wrote a book about false accusations of sexual assault.

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